Sven Neumann wrote:


> The advantage is that translators can use their standard tools and can
> decide to edit the po file in whatever encoding they like. The parser to
> read this file should be pretty much straightforward including the
> language handling. This solution will require some Makefile fiddling,
> but as soon as everything is in place, it should work almost transparently.

I wholeheartedly welcome this solution. In fact, it is one of the
solutions I've suggested all along, although that might have been less
than obvious (sorry :-( ).

> The format I've outlined above still has one problem unrelated to i18n:
> Do we want to allow paragraphs in tips for nicer layouting and how do
> we represent them? By adding a <para>...</para> tag ?!

I have to agree with what Rebecca recently mentioned regarding this

Hope we can agree on this solution,

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