Am Son, 2001-10-07 um 18.09 schrieb 1002470948:

> <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
> <gimp-tips>
>   <tip name="welcome">
>     <content>Welcome to The GIMP</content>
>     <content xml:lang="de_DE">Willkommen zu GIMP</content>
>     <content xml:lang="fr_FR">Bienvenue s<C3><A0>r GIMP</content>
>   </tip>
> </gimp-tips>
> The advantage is that translators can use their standard tools and can
> decide to edit the po file in whatever encoding they like. The parser to
> read this file should be pretty much straightforward including the 
> language handling. This solution will require some Makefile fiddling, 
> but as soon as everything is in place, it should work almost transparently.

I can imagine this will have some impact on how we will handle the tips
in the future which one do you think will be the native format and which
one is generated? In general I agree this is the right way to go, so
translators still can use their "tools" but our application is enhanced
by a straight forward system that will also survive the future.

(... unlike many others who'll be dying the next days/weeks/months in
Afghanistan, sic)


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