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> agains 0 for example than against negativeness and this part also plays
> a role when returning 0 or non-null instead of a negative value.

Sorry, but before you continue with all this, ehrm, wrongness, would you
please first check what you are talking about? Can you give us a single
example of such a cpu? No cpu linux runs on has this property, btw.

The reason nobody wants to talk reasonable with you is that most of what
you claim is simply that: wrong. People cannot trust what you say when
they cna trivialy verify most of you claims as wrong. If you would only
give the points that _are_ true, then people will be much more open in
discussing optimizations.

> For example if you shift a signed value it has to generate code to
> take care of the sign and similar with some logic operations.

Again, not on any cpu that linux runs on.

> Trust me, if I see the assembly I can tell you which one is faster and
> by which magnitude.

How can we trust you if most of the easily-verifiable claims of yourself
are simply untrue?

*please* this is not a with-hunt. *please* re-adjust your attitude. when so
many people tell you that you are wrong you could at least check wether tzhis
is true.

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