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> Sven Neumann said...
> |It would really help if someone would go through the hassle of adding
> |more documentation to libgimp. I would help with gtk-doc questions
> |but I don't have time to do the full job...
> If someone will suggest a good plugin to use as
> a model (quality of code-wise), I'll be happy
> to do a new "annotated plugin sample".  The old
> one is rather out of date...

module gimp-plugin-template in CVS seems to be a good choice.  We
should add a little more functionality and probably lots of comments
there, but basically it's an uptodate "annotated plugin sample".

What I was thinking about was to make the libgimp API reference
more complete. At the moment the documentation for PDB calls is
pretty good and the UI part is not bad, but some of the most
important part like GimpPixelRgn and GimpDrawable are not commented
at all. This could be fixed by adding gtk-doc comments to the
libgimp code.

Salut, Sven
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