Hi all.

Sorry to interrupt your (more important) conversation, but I still have 
problems with plugins.
I really can't figure out why my plugin runs on and on and.... finally 
stopping some minutes later with a segmentation fault.
I don't have infinite loop (I trust, but maybe there are hidden one, 
who knows =) but I think I'm doing something not the proper manner.
Could someone just have a lookup on my code to see if he (her) finds 
anything with my use of libgimp?

The code is here : http://tharibo.free.fr/GIMP/Textures.tar.gz
There are a C file, a header file and their Makefile.

Thanks in advance,

"Le temps ne fait rien  l'affaire, quand on est con, on-est-con !"
-- Georges Brassens
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