On 17 Dec 2001, at 20:39, Gerhard Siegesmund wrote:

> I now for some time tried to unsubscribe from this list. Unfortunately
> the mechanism to do so is broken. I tried to unsubscribe as told in
> the mails but got the attached response. Problem is, I don't anymore
> now my password. So I asked for help and got the answer that I could
> get my password from http://lists.xcf.berkeley.edu/list...(and.so.on).
> Problem here is, I can't get a connection to that webserver. I always
> get a connection-refused message. I tried it on two computers here in
> germany (one in the university net and one where I work). So. How do I
> unsubscribe? Sorry to bother you.

If all else fails, try to bounce messages that come from the list. 
With any luck, mailman has been set-up to unsubscribe people whose 
mail has been bouncing for a few days.

branko collin
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