> Recently there's been a lot of excitement in the digital camera world
> among former B&W film afficianodos who are simulating the use of colored
> filters by manipulating color channels prior to converting a digital
> image to greyscale.
> Photoshop has a feature that lets you weight color channels when
> you recompose them.
> In Gimp, you can decompose color channels by:
>     Image->Color->Decompose
> and then later:
>     Image->Color->Compose
> I understand the function of weighting the channels is not there.
> Is there some combination of existing functions that would let
> you re-compose an image as:
>     0% red, 50% green, 50% blue  (i.e., a red-blocking filter)
> Is there some way to use blending of layers and opacity to do
> this?  Or some other tools or scripts?

I'm sure there is a way but reading your mail I came up with an 
idea of what could be a nice feature for GIMP-1.4:

What if we add an opacity slider to the channels dialog similar
to the one on the layers dialog? The opacity would affect normal
selection channels (where it can now be set in the dialog that
pops up when you double-click the channel's name). For the 
red, green, blue and alpha channels it would affect the projection
thus allowing for easy interactive color-correction of the whole

Is that a good idea or not?

Salut, Sven
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