[EMAIL PROTECTED] (2001-12-18 at 1900.27 +0100):
> What if we add an opacity slider to the channels dialog similar
> to the one on the layers dialog? The opacity would affect normal
> selection channels (where it can now be set in the dialog that
> pops up when you double-click the channel's name). For the 
> red, green, blue and alpha channels it would affect the projection
> thus allowing for easy interactive color-correction of the whole
> image.

Brute colour correction, I would say. If you want to do fine colour
correction, you end using curves tool, I guess (it just needs a button
to apply to all layers, not only current layer as is now). With the
menu rewrite, it will look fine (layer curves or image curves).

OTOH once applied curves change info, so your idea would have some
positive points... I guess it goes back to the topic of display
filters, like the gamma one that was removed.

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