a lot of you folks will go into XMas holidays soon and I thought it
might be nice to give a status report on the current development so
you have something to think about. So here's a short summary made up
from the ChangeLog entries since 1.3.1 was released (about four weeks

  Bex did a lot of message proofreading.

  Daniel optimized and cleaned up the paint-funcs system. He also
  fixed some problems with our Makefiles.

  Guillermo helped finishing the task of switching all dialog buttons
  over to the button ordering for GTK+-2.0.

  Kelly did something to the undo and pixel-region systems that will
  hopefully just work since anyone else is afraid to touch this code.

  Mitch started a massive cleanup of the tools and display subsytems.
  The whole image <-> display coordinates calculation does happen in
  the display layer now and tools don't need to care. Mitch also
  exposed a lot of hidden tool options in the tool options dialogs and
  gave them a nicer look and feel.

  Mitch did some menu reorganization. This needs more thought and work.

  Mitch reenabled brush pipes which used to be broken in the 1.3 tree.

  Mitch did this and Mitch did that ... 

  I have started a rewrite of the gimprc code and it's already pretty
  mature but still unused. The idea of the new system is to have an
  interface for object serialization and deserialization that can
  easily be implemented by any object. The easiest way is to define
  everything that needs to be de/serialized as object properties and
  use the default implementation from GimpConfig. The file format
  written and parsed is still sexpressions (the thing with lots of
  brackets) because I think it is a well-suited format for our config
  files and Glib has a nice parser for it (GScanner). Some stuff needs
  still to be done, but I hope to be able to remove gimprc.[ch] from 
  the app directory soon.

  I have started to change our internally used enums so they use a
  GIMP namespace just as their counterparts in the libgimp API do.
  This involved touching lots of files, but the actual changes were

  Other contributors:
  David Neary, David Odin, Roger Leigh, Ville Pätsi.

  There were more changes and most probably even a few important ones
  that I forgot. If you care, why don't you read the ChangeLog

It looks as if the GTK+ folks are preparing the 1.3.12 release and we
will try to get GIMP 1.3.2 out shortly after.

If you are in middle europe between XMas and the end of the year, why
don't you visit Mitch, Simon and me at the Chaos Communication
Congress 18C3 where we hope to get some nice GIMP hacking done. Check
the website for more infos: http://www.ccc.de/congress/2001/.

Salut, Sven
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