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> On 20 Dec 2001, at 12:23, Sven Neumann wrote:
> > a lot of you folks will go into XMas holidays soon and I thought it
> > might be nice to give a status report on the current development so
> > you have something to think about. So here's a short summary made up
> > from the ChangeLog entries since 1.3.1 was released (about four weeks
> > ago):
> [snippety-snip] 
> >   There were more changes and most probably even a few important ones
> >   that I forgot. If you care, why don't you read the ChangeLog
> >   yourself?
> Thanks. As you said, though, most of that info is in the changelog.

I'm not sure if this kind of mail is of interest to anyone. I thought 
a short summary might help since it's not too easy to read the ChangeLog

> Does GIMP 1.3. build? Is it useful for anything? What do you feel are 
> the major things to do before the first users will start using 3.x? 
> What do you feel are the major things to do before the first users 
> will be right in using 3.x? ;-) In other words: how far have you come 
> and how far do you still have to go? 

it builds. I can only remember a few hours during the last month when
gimp from CVS would not build for some reason or another. Useability?
I'd say there are still too many problems to use it for real work. It
works fine for the occasional open/scale/save session or something
similar. The target is still developers only I'd say.

I won't give you any numbers. I'm doing this for too long now to know
that giving people release dates at this early stage is a mistake.
To get an impression on what needs to be done before we consider the
code cleanup finished, take a look into the app directory in the source.
When everything but main.c has gone, we are finished. As you can see 
we have already come very far (80-90 %).

There are a few tasks beside the code cleanup that have already been
started or are planned to start soon. I'd like to get them all into
TODO.xml during the next weeks. Once we have collected the things we
absolutely want to see for 1.4, we should declare a tentative feature
freeze and try to stick to the task mentioned in TODO.xml. BTW, the
file I'm talking about is the one used to generate this page:

So, if you have plans, suggestions, want to take a task from the TODO
or whatever; now is the time to speak up.

Salut, Sven
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