for the curious and brave, here is another release in the unstable
1.3 series of The GIMP:


This release depends on:

  pango-0.23 (with FT2 support)

Beware, this is an unstable developers release. Don't use it for
real work, it's rough around the edges, it crashes, it might not
even compile.

Overview of Changes in GIMP 1.3.2

- Cleanup of display and tools [Mitch]
- Improvements to tools UI [Mitch]
- Reenabled brush pipes [Mitch]
- Started to reorganize menus [Mitch]
- Cleanup of internal enums [Sven]
- New config file framework (yet unused) [Sven]
- Fixes to the Undo and PixelRegion code [Kelly]
- Optimization and cleanup of the paint-funcs [Daniel]
- Message proofreading [Bex]
- Most stuff compiles with -DGTK_DISABLE_DEPRECATED [Mitch]
- More stuff not mentioned here (see the ChangeLog)

Other Contributors:
  Guillermo S. Romero, David Neary, David Odin, Roger Leigh, 
  Ville Pätsi.

Happy GIMPing,
        Simon Budig
        Michael Natterer
        Sven Neumann
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