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Hi Avi!  'Testing' just involves getting a reasonably
sized collection of PSD files with a good mix of 'real
world' data and more unusual stuff (various aux channels,
layer masks, strange layer modes, strange pixel formats)
and seeing in what ways the PSD loader barfs.  A 'good'
patch is one that allows a greater number of these
files to be successfully read without breaking the
reading of files which were previously readable.

I don't have the (time) resources currently to support
any of my plugins in terms of testing/applying patches
or looking into error reports.  The former should go to
gimp-developer and the latter into bugzilla.  My name
should probably be commented-out from the MAINTAINERS file
until my time situation improves (which seems unlikely
for a while).


Avi Bercovich wrote:
> "Adam D. Moss" wrote:
> > Hi guys and gals,
> >
> > Could someone with a good collection of .psd files please
> > test this against the PSD plugin to make sure it doesn't
> > break anything that was not broken before, and if it
> > checks out okay commit it to 1.2 and 1.3?  I'm afraid I
> > don't have the time for GIMPy stuff at the moment to test
> > it myself.
> Hi Adam,
> I'd like to help testing anything related to the psd plug-in, because my
> projectleads are breathing down my neck about 'incompatibility' with the
> rest of my designer collegues. I generally use the previous
> state/version of the plug-in that I patch with the 'write psd' patch, as
> I need to send layered files back to people using Photoshop. Let me know
> if/how you'd like me to go about testing the plug-in.
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