At 12:40 PM 1/18/2002 +0000, Adam D. Moss wrote:
> > I'd like to help testing anything related to the psd plug-in, because my
> > projectleads are breathing down my neck about 'incompatibility' with the
> > rest of my designer collegues. I generally use the previous
> > state/version of the plug-in that I patch with the 'write psd' patch, as
> > I need to send layered files back to people using Photoshop. Let me know
> > if/how you'd like me to go about testing the plug-in.

         Another option is to use ImageMagick.  I recently checked in full 
support for layered writing of PSD files, and extended the XCF support so 
that you can now go direct from layered XCF->PSD with all layers and layer 
attributes (mode, opacity, name, etc.) intact!!

         I hope that GIMP users will find this useful, and please send any 
bug reports either directly to me (since I'm the XCF and PSD maintainer) or 
to the ImageMagick lists.


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