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Hi Carol!

After I left irc I sat down in the relative quiet and did a 
step-by-step work through.  Got into the RPMs and uninstalled 
automake.  Uninstalled the rest of the stuff I had later 
versions of in tarballs.  Compiled and installed new automake 
and libtool.  Then, with only a little fiddling with some 
symlinks in cvs/gnome that now pointed to non-existent files 
(from the RPM -e foo, bar, baz), I got it through the configure 
and into the make.

In the HOWTO you say (regarding the installation of various 
libraries, etc):

If is is not there, be sure to install glib 1.2.x . Next install 
any of the tools: autoconf, automate, libtool and gettext. If 
you install any new tools, be sure to remove the old ones. Make 
sure your manager knows about the changes, or if you installed 
tarballs be sure to ldconfig as root after each new install.

I would change this to read more along the lines of:

If you need to install new versions of tools that were installed 
as part of your Linux distribution, be sure to uninstall those 
that you plan to replace, using your distribution's package 
manager to do so.  Then install any of the autoconf, automake, 
libtool, and gettext programs that you still need.  Make sure 
your package manager knows about the changes (not necessary if 
you used it to uninstall the old ones).  If you installed 
tarballs, be sure to run ldconfig as root after each new install.

Well, it's past my bedtime.  CVS version compiled and started up 
fine.  Now I have a copy of gimp-1.2.3 to play with.

Thanks for your howto and all the assistance on irc today.  Talk 
more later.

- -- 
- --Jeff

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