> I would change this to read more along the lines of:
> If you need to install new versions of tools that were installed 
> as part of your Linux distribution, be sure to uninstall those 
> that you plan to replace, using your distribution's package 
> manager to do so.  Then install any of the autoconf, automake, 
> libtool, and gettext programs that you still need.  Make sure 
> your package manager knows about the changes (not necessary if 
> you used it to uninstall the old ones).  If you installed 
> tarballs, be sure to run ldconfig as root after each new install.
> Well, it's past my bedtime.  CVS version compiled and started up 
> fine.  Now I have a copy of gimp-1.2.3 to play with.
> Thanks for your howto and all the assistance on irc today.  Talk 
> more later.
Thanks for this Jeff.  Also, working with you last night on the irc was
very pleasant as well.

The changes are already reflected at the web site.  It was a very good
experience to compile it with an old distribution.  I almost hate to see
you clean it up right away even.

Raphael Quintets changes are there also.  

It should be clear to everyone though, that Rebecca Walter is the
author.  I beat it up and am coordinating a continual beating until the
darn thing is in shape.

I have a zsh user who owes me a favor, I am sending it off to him next.
If no one else has changes in mind for it, or additions I will send it
last to Branko Collins and totally last to Rebecca J. Walter and Totally
Last to myself.

Quickly, if possible, add and remove your name from this list.  This
would be the time to show off your knowledge of some weird and unused
shell commands -- whatever you need to do to this thing.  Do it quickly,
I need to be done with it!

And thank you for working with a nasty html file also.  Things should
get better soon. (i hope)

ps:  http://carol.gimp.org/gimp/howtos/cvs/cvs.html


Easy Popping Instructions (step 2):
  Pop on HIGH at full power until bag expands and popping
  slows  to 1-2 seconds between pops.  LISTEN to popping 
  rate and do not leave microwave unattended.  Over-cooking
  may cause scorching.  Normal popping time is 2-5 minutes.

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