bex, if you fix the Subject to look like this "Re: CVS compiling! (fwd)
before sending it back to the list, my mutt can make a List respond and
hopefully cleans it up so the crusty unixy people don't get pissy ...


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On 2002-01-23 at 2100.24 +0100, Rebecca J. Walter typed this mail:
> Carol.. please put EVERYONE in contributors.  I don't want it to sound
> like I did more. Please?  Besides, you've done more to it than I have. A
> hell of a lot more time and work.
> so put everyone in contributors in alphabetical like you did.
> (note spelling)
Hi Rebecca,

How about No!

I believe this all started when i said something like, "if you write
this is would help me".  

Any other questions?

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