I've rewritten the old "Van Gogh(LIC)"-plugin which has been unmaintained for 
a few years.
Main features are a wider range of options as well as increased speed (up to 
factor 15). It is registered (Gimp-plugin-registry) under the name "lic2"
It can be found at http://www.uni-erlangen.de/~sifrlaut
I would be happy if someone could test it.

I'm afraid I wasn't able to write Makefile.am and stuff properly to be able 
to just copy the source into a Gimp-source-tree so that a toplevel-make will 
compile it.
Thus compiling it may require to manually change some paths in the Makefile 
(which isn't too sophisticated anyway). Sorry 'bout that.

This is the first time I release a bit of code - so if anything is wrong: 
don't flame - help a newbie ;-)


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