I have written dozens of perl-fu scripts with success, but now I am stumped.
I am trying to make a call to the Illusion plug-in, plug_in_illusion, but
it always returns:

"st_illusion: plug_in_illusion: procedural database execution failed on invalid input 

I am passing it a Drawable and an integer for the Divisions variable,
according to the DB Browser info on the Illusion plug-in.  I've even
scanned through the illusion.c source code to see what might be up,
but I cannot find anything wrong.

A note of interest is that the Illusion plug-in also has a Mode toggle,
but that is not noted in the DB Browser and attempting to pass the
plug-in 3 arguments results in a "too many arguments" error.

Can anyone possibly shed some light on this problem for me?
I'm not currently on the devel list, so if you could
respond to the list and [EMAIL PROTECTED],
it would be most appreciated.  I'm posting to
this list hoping a plug-in developer might
have the answer I'm looking for...

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