On 1 Feb 2002, at 18:54, stephen thompson wrote:

> I have written dozens of perl-fu scripts with success, but now I am
> stumped. I am trying to make a call to the Illusion plug-in,
> plug_in_illusion, but it always returns:
> "st_illusion: plug_in_illusion: procedural database execution failed
> on invalid input arguments"
> I am passing it a Drawable and an integer for the Divisions variable,
> according to the DB Browser info on the Illusion plug-in.  I've even
> scanned through the illusion.c source code to see what might be up,
> but I cannot find anything wrong.
> A note of interest is that the Illusion plug-in also has a Mode
> toggle, but that is not noted in the DB Browser and attempting to pass
> the plug-in 3 arguments results in a "too many arguments" error.

Which GIMP version is this? 

I am using 1.2.3. beta (Windows), which mentions five arguments in 
the database:

INT32     interactive/non-interactive
IMAGE     input image
DRAWABLE  input drawable
INT32    the number of divisions
INT32    illusion type (0=type1, 1=type2)

Hm, the one in GIMP 1.2.0 Windows has 4 arguments (it lacks illusion 

Looks like somebody is growing arguments here.

branko collin
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