"Adam D. Moss" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> Is it pretty much definitely compilable and runnable by
> mortals right now (funtionality aside)?  What additions
> have there been to the list of **essential** build libs/components
> since 1.2.x?

yes, it should compile. As usual the files HACKING and INSTALL mention
the build requirements. In particular these are:

  autoconf >= 2.13
  automake >= 1.4
  libtool  >= 1.3.4

  pkg-config >= 0.7

  glib  >= 1.3.13
  pango >= 0.24  including FT2 support (freetype >= 2.0.1)
  atk   >= 0.10  (required by gtk+)
  gtk+  >= 1.3.13

Basically this boils down to a working GTK+-1.3.13 installation and
the usual autofoo tools.

Salut, Sven
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