Here's a newbie question about non-interactive plug-in calls:

I'm writing a (C) plug-in in which I intend to call another plug-in
non-interactively prior to doing my own processing.  I copy the active
layer, and since the images I'm dealing with all have an alpha channel I
make sure I'm dealing with the image background (rather than the alpha
mask); I then grab the drawable and image IDs from the scratch layer,
and then call a plug-in non-interactively.  

I know my drawable is good, as I've succeeded in doing all the desired
processing after the plug-in call. In every plug-in that I've tried,
though, GIMP_PDB_EXECUTION_ERROR is returned from the plug-in call (I've
checked the plug-ins against the image to make sure that they work on
the image before I try
the call).

Here's the skeleton of my code around the non-interactive call:

activeLayer = gimp_image_get_active_layer(image);    
workingLayer = gimp_layer_copy(activeLayer);    
add_OK = gimp_image_add_layer(image, workingLayer, -1); 

        setMaskOK = gimp_layer_set_edig_mask(workingLayer, 0);   

bg_drawable = gimp_drawable_get(workingLayer);         
imageID = gimp_drawable_image(bg_drawable->id);        

// Call the desired plug-in --  returns GIMP_PDB_EXECUTION_ERROR
return_vals = gimp_run_procedure("plug-in-c-astretch",       
                                        GIMP_PDB_IMAGE, imageID,

Any insight you'd be able to lend on this problem would be greatly

Cindy Huyser
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