Jeff Trefftz and I are planning a "compile party" for Friday, 1PM EST,
(my time).  Here is a link to a world clock for that day and time:

It is to be an irc party (irc.gimp.org, #gimp) and the plan is to
compile the new GIMP tar-ball on as many different distributions which
are in as many states of cruftiness as possible so that the How To can
thoroughly cover an installation.

I had been using the gimp-1.2-dev deb for a few months when I compiled a
GIMP again.  I found out that I didn't have the mpeg library installed.
So, obviously, I didn't need it, but I used to be very proud of having a
fully loaded GIMP.  Even now, I have yet to add the python module to

So, if you are around on Friday (or Saturday Adelaide time) and would
like to contribute to writing this GIMP How To,  please feel humbly
invited to our party ...


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