surely a lot of people want to help with GIMP-1.3 but don't know where
to start. I'd like to point you to some places that list TODOs for

First, we have TODO.xml which is in CVS and available online at:


Then, there's Bugzilla which can be queried for bugs with the
1.3.x target milestone. That query at the moment gives this
nice list:

  68846  gimp-1.3.2 gimp_tips.*.txt is written by encoding depending
  67035  Compile error against newest PDL (2.3.1) -- I have a fix
  67386  RAND_FUNC, G_MAXRAND confusion
  25963  Undo of "value invert" on indexed PNG is impossible
  61092  yes/no questions should be WM_TRANSIENT_FOR dialogs
  62988  Export and Confirm Save dialogs should be WM_TRANSIENT_FOR d
  58001  PDB-Function for reassigning layers.
  66921  needs gimp-*-refresh in PDB
  68281  No PDB entries for Bezier Select or Intelligent Scissors
  3343   [gimp-bug] export changes filename
  7100   [Wish] initialize layer mask with a copy of the image
  26805  PostScript colour output looks pale
  51108  Hidden tool options (missing docs + should be visible in the
  52849  crop info window should delay or be unobtrusive
  58507  Translators should mentioned somewhere (maybe in help->about
  66367  Improved animoptimize for RLE or LZW compression
  68403  Panels are too big.
  69773  drawing slim lines with a 1x1 brush has issues
  6917   WISH: Color/Brush/Pattern/Gradient in Device Stat
  18995  Sorting of file names
  32498  Pointer should reflect toolsize (brush cursors showing brush
  51563  "Count colors" option
  55366  Filter out jitter in hand-drawn curves
  61091  remember window positions within a session: use USPosition/U
  66859  Plug-in init_proc functionality isn't implemented
  68485  Explanation for Preferences items
  5744   module load needs to do version check
  6920   Support other Keys for Help (F1)
  50730  Need better antialiasing
  65030  make it possible to resize existing brushes
  6010   Script-Fu plugins open progressbar in seperate windows
  5673   Restore original keybindings
  64148  Add a keyboard shortcut for generating thumbnails
  52374  Some plugins lack a previewarea

One project I'd particulary love to see tackled is plug-in previews.
There should really be a generic preview widget that works for most
filter plug-ins. This an often requested feature and it would improve
user-friendliness a lot. There is some (pretty old) code that could
serve as a basis for development or at least give some ideas:


We also need some artists to draw nice images for our user interface.
We need new icons, we'd like a new image for the about dialog that has
some space to add credits (see also bug #58507). A new splash would be
nice, a more eeeky Wilber for the "Really Quit" dialog and so
on... Please note that we can use real alpha-transparent images now
and we should make use of this.

So if you want to help out, please speak up here so we can coordinate

Salut, Sven
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