> Wow.... I'm building gimp-1.2.3 on Linux (2.4.14 kernel, glibc-2.2.5, 
> gcc-3.0.3, glib/gtk+-1.2.10) right now..... :(   About the ONLY bit of 
> info I can contribute is building with the "--enable-ansi" configure 
> option does NOT work as it causes compile problems with the signal 
> handling code in GDK (I think).   I won't be able to participate in this 
> "compile party", but I would like to contribute that info.  :)

uhmm, why would you want to compile using --enable-ansi ?

It doesn't work but I don't really consider this a problem. Noone
promised that the code would be 100% Ansi C compliant. Perhaps we
should remove the option from configure. As long as gimp compiles
for you with the standard configuration everything is fine.

Salut, Sven
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