Youre absolutely rigth that it was my fault to do that hack in GIMP-1.2.2 but this mail
was not intended to flame gimp developers (sorry for my bad english).
The point is that i want a clean Interface for future version of plug-in/gap
and other plug-in developers.

Yours Wolfgang Hofer

On 28 Feb 2002 10:59:40 +010  
 Sven Neumann wrote:
>"wolfgang hofer" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
>> For the plug-in/gap i had a similar problem to implement
>> crop, resize, and scale for all frames of an animation.
>> For the INTERACTIVE mode of Video/Frames Crop (Scale, Resize)
>> plug-ins i had to re-implement the dialogs of those tools
>> (see copy of app/resize.c in plug-ins/gap)
>> that was a hack in GIMP-1.2.2.
>you didn't have to do that. You choose not to work with the GIMP core
>development team and simply copied the functionality into your plug-in
>thus duplicating the code. We could have made moved this widget into
>libgimp instead.
>Salut, Sven

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