For the plug-in/gap i had a similar problem to implement
crop, resize, and scale for all frames of an animation.

For the INTERACTIVE mode of Video/Frames Crop (Scale, Resize)
plug-ins i had to re-implement the dialogs of those tools
(see copy of app/resize.c in plug-ins/gap)
that was a hack in GIMP-1.2.2.

Many Tools should have a PDB interface for Interactive
calls in future GIMP versions (1.4 or 2.0?) and even should save the last_values like
plug-ins do. further the structure of the last_values
buffer should be described (registered).

        Example of registration see:

Then tools like Curves, Hue-Saturation and many more
could be use in "animated Filtercalls"
(GAP Menu Filter All Layers) with varying values.

Yours Wolfgang Hofer  <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>

----------- original messeage -----

        > Will new Gimp versions include PDB access to the
        > various editing tools? Or is access currently
        > available? The reason I ask is that I'm writting a
        > plug-in to help me automate manual postprocessing of
        > freshly scanned images (manual processing is
        > required).
        > To simplify the task, I need to automatically bring up
        > the cropping tool with predetermined x-y offsets and
        > predetermined length and width set in the dialog box.
        > But I don't see a way to start the cropping tool from
        > the PDB. 

        Now, if you mean actually bring up the tool, no there is no way of doing that. 
        But the crop functionality is there.

        Happy GIMPing,



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