Hubertus Krogmann <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> I have made a nice panorama with 
>       Panorama Factory V2.4   a windows tools,
>       as there is nothing suitable for linux.

there was a very nice panorama tool for The GIMP on Linux but they
sued the author until he took it off the net :-(

> The result looks like :
> #jhead externsteine-360.jpg
> File name    : externsteine-360.jpg
> File size    : 2456271 bytes
> File date    : 2002:03:17 22:33:19
> Resolution   : 15593 x 2008
> Jpeg process : Baseline
> Just a few pixels, not enough to crash gimp directly, but I loaded it
> crop about 95%, copied the selection into a new image, and...
> ... pressed save as and gimp stopped working.

what do you mean, stopped working? Did it crash or did it just stop
working? Did you watch any console output?

> btw. celeron366, 384 MB Ram, about 5 gb place for gimp-cache
> all ext3fs disk, gimp-cache on a second disk.

the important question is, how is your tile-cache setup?

I have just reproduced what you described with gimp-1.2 and it
worked like a charm even though my box has less RAM. I could create
a RGB image of 15593 x 2008, copy large parts of it into a new
image and save that as JPEG (even using the Export feature which
creates another copy of it).

Salut, Sven
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