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> > I'v just installed the latest gimp for win32. Nice, but the fonts are
> > so tiny that almost unreadable (for me). Where can I change the font
> > size for gimp/gtk? 

usually you use gtkrc for that. gimp should install a gtkrc in your
users directory.  Try to add something along the lines of:

 style "font-style" { font_name = "sans 14" }
 class "GtkWidget" style "font-style"

> > And second question is related to the previous one
> > (I think). I'm using Polish version of w98 and gimp started in Polish
> > language. Hm, nice but unusable for me ;-( What to do to change gimp
> > back to English?
> Set the environment variable 'lang' to 'c'. How to best do this 
> depends on your system.

I don't know about windows, but usually that is 'C' in upper case.
But then 'C' is considered a broken setup unless all your filenames
are plain ASCII. Using 'en_US' is definitely a better choice.

Salut, Sven
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