On Thursday, 21 Mar 2002, Nick Lamb wrote:

> It has a KDE bias, but I'm sure some loving from the right people will help
> it learn about glib 1.2 and 2.0 objects, memory allocators etc. to give
> more helpful diagnostics when you scribble all over a MemChunk :)

I didn't see any particular KDE bias.  Certainly, it doesn't need any
of the KDE libs to run, and uses just a text console interface.

> > I've given it a quick spin on gimp-1.2.2, and it picked up a couple of
> > bugs.  It's really quite a good tool!
> I didn't see any problems with 1.2 CVS when I tried it a few weeks ago,
> except for shared mem stuff at startup (which I put down to Valgrind
> not knowing about shared mem at that point). Maybe I didn't try the
> right tools/ features/ whatever ?

Perhaps they're bugs in GTK then.  I got one message for the yellow
tool-tips popping up from the toolbox.  And I got another at startup -
perhaps that's the one your talking about.

Using the ink tool showed some problems in the blob code too.

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