* Tuomas Kuosmanen <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> [020327 16:10]:
> Howdy.
> I have been thinking about this thing for a while already.. pretty often
> I have a situation like this:
>         * I will need to design a flyer or something, and try to fit it
>           on a common papersize so it can be photocopied/color-lasered
>           easily
>         * But the size is too large, so I rather design a "cut A4 in
>           three" (or US Letter depending where it will be printed)
>         * A4 is 209.9028mm x 297.0389mm
>         * My design would then be 209.9028mm x (297.0389mm / 3) which
>           makes a nice flyer shape
>         * It would be very very handy if I could type that into the New
>           Image entry;  Height: [ 297/3 ] millimeters and Gimp would do
>           the division for me and round it to the nearest pixel.
>         * It would allow the very basic math like add, subtract,
>           multiply and divide. This would be very useful for situations
>           like the above.
>         * Yosh said it would be doable, not impossible. And told me to
>           post to the list instead of dreaming of it on IRC :-)

I have been doing some posters/flyers as well,. some of my experiences are:

        * Most printers won't fill the whole A4 area.
                (thus being able to 'register' some default sizes as well
                 could be an idea)
        * My workflow for posters that will be printed on a laser printer is:
                - make a new grayscale image with the same size ratio as A4/A3
                - fullfil the design
                - scale the image up to the full res of the 'printable area'
                - manually newsprintifying, dithering etc. the image down to

Some presets that gimp should include:
                papersizes: legal, a*, printable( legal, a.. )
                video: pal, ntsc, 1024x768 ...
                dias: (I had to make a 35mm diases for print)
                misc: icon sizes, default web-banner sizes
                custom: users own


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