On Wednesday, 27 Mar 2002, Øyvind Kolås wrote:

>       * My workflow for posters that will be printed on a laser printer is:
>               - make a new grayscale image with the same size ratio as A4/A3
>               - fullfil the design
>               - scale the image up to the full res of the 'printable area'
>               - manually newsprintifying, dithering etc. the image down to
>               1bit

Warning: the newsprint plugin does nothing to avoid moire artefacts
other than offer an antialias option.  It doesn't use supercells to
reduce rounding errors.  Therefore, if you're using it to produce
1-bit output (and hence can't use antialiasing) then you should expect
poor quality output.  The newsprint plugin is suitable for producing
(eg) silk-screens for t-shirt designs, or special effects, but not for
printed flyers, in my opinion.

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