Argh! Rather late, I put up the press release I promised to make at 

If you want to comment on it, please go ahead.

If you want to use it, please go ahead too (just drop me a line so 
that we don't do any duplicate work).

If you want me to send it to certain publications, please send me the 
name of the publications.

I realise it's late, but more than wanting to alert magazines and 
such to the release of GIMP for Windows 1.2.3, I want to alert them 
to the GIMP period. 

Whenever I look into magazines for digital amateur photographers, I 
notice how somebody who can barely afford to buy a camera is 
'expected' to fork over thousands of euros for the image editing 
software. Well, I guess what they are really expected to do is to 
steal Photoshop, but that would not look nice in the press release, 
would it. ;-)

branko collin
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