I read quite some time ago about the plans for Gimp-2.0.  It seemed
that it was to be a highly modular and pluggable [streaming] framework
which could be used for anything and everything from image editing to
image batch-processing to video editing/processing.  I was thinking of
this the other day as I contemplated the GStreamer framework, and it hit
me that merging the proposed Gimp-2.0 framework and the GStreamer
framework could be a very beneficial thing to do.  When it comes down to
it, the goals of the two projects seem very similar, at least as far as
the framework is concerned (GStreamer is currently targeted at
realtime processing, but the framework wouldn't necessarily have to be
used in this way).  How far through development is the Gimp-2.0

What do you all think?  Has this been discussed before?  How feasible
would this be?  Would it really be a good thing to do, in terms of
capability sharing and approach-unification?

Luke Hutchison.

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