On 29 Mar 2002, at 8:29, Luke Hutchison wrote:

> I read quite some time ago about the plans for Gimp-2.0.  It seemed
> that it was to be a highly modular and pluggable [streaming] framework
> which could be used for anything and everything from image editing to
> image batch-processing to video editing/processing.  I was thinking of
> this the other day as I contemplated the GStreamer framework, and it
> hit me that merging the proposed Gimp-2.0 framework and the GStreamer
> framework could be a very beneficial thing to do.  When it comes down
> to it, the goals of the two projects seem very similar, at least as
> far as the framework is concerned (GStreamer is currently targeted at
> realtime processing, but the framework wouldn't necessarily have to be
> used in this way).  How far through development is the Gimp-2.0
> framework?
> What do you all think?  Has this been discussed before?  

According to Charles Iliya Krempeaux at 
<http://www.advogato.org/person/tnt/diary.html?start=15> in his 1 Feb 
2002 entry there have been talks between the leaders of the projects. 
I don't know what has come of it, though.

branko collin
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