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There's no need to shout, thank you.

> We require the source code  for Gimp to use the program in our 
> application.

The source code can be downloaded through CVS. Please consult 
<http://carol.gimp.org/gimp/howtos/cvs/cvs.html> on how to do this.

I am not sure what you mean with 'in our application'. If you are 
going to use (parts of) the GIMP in your own program and then 
distribute that program, please realize that your program then 
automatically becomes freely distributable according to our licence, 
the GNU General Public License.

This may or may not be what you want.

> We want to convert the images to XPM format .We are 
> windows users It was said  that we can use Vc for using Gimp in our 
> own programs. 

VC is Virtual Computing? That should be possible. 

If you just need the GIMP functionality, though: making a Windows 
build is possible and there is also a ready made Windows build 
available at <http://www2.arnes.si/~sopjsimo/gimp/>, complete with 
installer and all.

Also, for just converting images, ImageMagick is recommend generally. 
ImageMagick is a set of command line utilities for several operating 
systems, among which Windows, which can be used to batch process many 
images for conversion or modification.

You can find ImageMagick at <http://www.imagemagick.org>. It can 
convert between 68 different image file formats, among which XPM and 
several RAW formats that your application should be able to generate 


Kind regards,

branko collin
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