What is our stand on using the name Linux or the name GNU/Linux.

For those who do not know: the OS Linux was built by Linux Torvalds 
in 1991. He basically only built a kernel and used parts of the GNU 
project to pad it out to a complete OS. People started calling the 
whole OS Linux. At this the founder of GNU, Richard Stallman, balked, 
because he feels that the OS is as much his as Linus' and that he 
deserves credit for it. He would like to see that credit in the shape 
of the OS being called GNU/Linux rather than just Linux.

I grepped the current stable CVS (well, that of a few weeks ago) and 
found that a few files (mostly of the documentation type) mention 
Linux instead of GNU/Linux.

Should we change these instances to GNU/Linux?

branko collin
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