Sven Neumann wrote:
> actually, I expect Step 3 to take less than 20 minutes. Just go ahead
> and introduce a preview widget based on GtkPreview and we'll port it to
> GtkDrawingArea for you.

Well, because of my gf and little daughter 20 minutes might be all the 
time I get to spend in a few evenings :)

> We definitely aim for a GIMP-1.4 release before the end of this year


> but I believe we can finish the plug-in preview task in this time 
> schedule. What about sending a mail with the proposed API to the list
> so people are able to comment on it?

I will as soon as it has stabelized a bit. Right now it's based on 2 
plugins (max_rgb and plasma) and I'm working on a third (wind). When the 
preview widget fullfills the need of 5 different plugins I will publish 
the API here, probably by the end of this week.

> Salut, Sven

Kind regards,


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