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> Ok, this has been discussed numerous times and seems to be quite high on
> the wishlist but it still doesn't really exist: a preview widget that
> can be used in all (or probably most) plug-ins.
> So I've taken up this challenge and started coding, heavily based on
> some work that has already been done in this area. However my approach
> is slightly different: instead of coding a perfect preview widget from
> the start I opted for the evolutionary approach:
> Step 1) first create a quick and dirty preview widget that really
> consists of code factored out from several plugins. This code relies on
> the deprecated GtkPreview widget. Main advantage of having this step is
> that it doesn't involve a lot of rewriting of the existing plugin code.
> This step has been succesful: I have changed the code from the max_rgb
> and the plasma plugin so they now both use my new preview widget.

it's fine to temporarily use GtkPreview if you don't expose this fact
thru the API.

> Step 2) update all plugins that already have a preview. Some of them
> will be easy, others might involve more rewriting or adding
> functionality to the preview widget.
> Step 3) once all plugins use the same preview widget it's time to
> replace the deprecated GtkPreview by another widget (GtkImage or
> GtkDrawingArea). In this step the API should be well established and be
> able to handle all preview needs.
> Step 4) update plugins that don't have a preview yet.
> So what's the current status? Well, I've finished step 1 and it seems to
> work :) Step 2 will take quite a bit more time, but will greatly clean
> up and reduce the current plugin code for all those plugins that use a
> preview. I expect this to take about 2 or 3 months. Step 3 will be
> relatively easy. Few evenings of hacking should be enough to do this.
> And finally, step 4, will be comparable with step 2: about 2 or 3
> months.

actually, I expect Step 3 to take less than 20 minutes. Just go ahead
and introduce a preview widget based on GtkPreview and we'll port it to
GtkDrawingArea for you.

> To sum up: before the end of the year all plugins for which this is
> appropriate will have a preview, using a common preview widget. I just
> hope Gimp 1.4 isn't already released before that time :)

We definitely aim for a GIMP-1.4 release before the end of this year
but I believe we can finish the plug-in preview task in this time 
schedule. What about sending a mail with the proposed API to the list
so people are able to comment on it?

Salut, Sven

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