On 2002-04-09 at 1705.32 +0200, Branko Collin typed this mail:
> On 9 Apr 2002, at 16:42, Sven Neumann wrote:
> > probably nothing... Could you help my leaky brain by pointing me to
> > the respective bugzilla number? Or did we already apply the patch?
> I did not submit it to Bugzilla, because nobody told me to. Instead I 
> sent it to the list on May 19 last year, in a thread called Gallery 
> Maker. 
> Since nobody told me otherwise, I assumed this was the way to send in 
> patches (and if memory serves me, this is the way people sent in 
> patches back then).
in defense of this list as a method to introduce patches and plug-ins
and such, branko, your mail was very difficult to keep up with last


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