When some new bug reports are submitted to Bugzilla, some of us are notified
about this and I try (as time permits) to reproduce the bug, ask for more
information if necessary and in general to make sure that the status of the
bugs in Bugzilla is up-to-date.  Sometimes I even try to fix the bugs, but I
did not have too much time for that in the last months.

When a bug is affecting the core of the program, Sven and Mitch (who also get
the notifications from Bugzilla) will usually take a look at it and try to
fix it.  But when a bug is affecting a plug-in or a part of the code that is
maintained by someone else or that occurs only on a system that is not Linux
or Solaris, then it is more difficult to be sure that the corresponding
maintainer is aware of the problem.  Sometimes it is already difficult to
find a tester who has access to the corresponding operating system and who
can confirm if the bug report is valid or not.

It would be easier to work with Bugzilla if it was possible for me (and
others) to add the corresponding maintainer(s) or tester(s) to the CC list
for these bug reports, so that they are notified about the new bug report
or any additional comments that are added to it.  Unfortunately, this is not
always easy to do because the e-mail addresses listed in the documentation
(MAINTAINERS or PLUGIN_MAINTAINERS) do not always match the address used in
the Bugzilla accounts.  For example, it took me a while to find out that the
address for Nick Lamb, listed as <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> in PLUGIN_MAINTAINERS
should be <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> because this is the one that is recognized by

I propose to add a new field in PLUGIN_MAINTAINERS, containing only the
Bugzilla accounts (or list of accounts) that should be added to the CC list
if a bug is detected in the corresponding plug-in.  This would usually be the
same address as the one listed in the MAINTAINER field, but not always (maybe
the maintainer uses a different address for Bugzilla or does not want to get
the notifications at all).  So there could be a new field called BUGZILLA: or
BUGZILLA_CC: for all plug-ins, like this:

NAME       : normalize
AUTHOR     : Adam D. Moss, Federico Mena Quintero
SIZE       :   7.7 kB  in  1 file  (only C files counted)

I think that it would be a good idea to add something similar in the
MAINTAINERS file, listing some potential testers for non-Linux operating
systems.  Some bug reports for systems other than Linux or Solaris (this
includes Windows and MacOS X, among others) can remain in the UNCONFIRMED
state for several weeks before someone who has access to the corresponding
platform takes a look at it and adds some helpful comments that allow the
status of the bug to be updated.


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