[EMAIL PROTECTED] (2002-04-09 at 1542.31 +0200):
> - Four direction menus to reduce mouse movements necessary to 
>   reach a certain menu entry. I'm not sure if I understood this
>   correctly. Someone should draw some Ascii art to illustrate
>   this. I don't like the idea.

I take he meant pie menus:

      | \   Cut    / |
      |   \      /   |
      |Paste --  Copy|
      |   /      \   |
      | /    V     \ |
  |      \  Edit  /      |
  |File   \      / Select|
  |-----___\    /___-----|
  |Dialogs  |--|     View|
  |_____---/    \---_____|
  |Tools  /      \  Image|
  |      / Layers \      |

Imagine the angles are more even in 8 entry one. When someone wants to
select one of the 8 options, he moves the mouse in that direction, so
function is performed, be it new submenu or action. This way users can
do things like "up, left, left+down", or in the ASCII art, "up, right"
for copy.

Problem is the limited entries you get if you want to keep "decent"
angles, and thus it will go nuts when menu entries appear and
disappear, like when adding plug-ins. In submenus, it can provide a
way to go back or not, but in first case one dir is "wasted" and in
the other a failure means a full restart.

The proposition says 4 direction... which limits things a lot, with so
many functions as GIMP has it would work only as user configurable
helper (thus containing only the user most used items), not as main
system, IMHO.

> - Replace canvas XOR drawing by something nicer. We looked at some
>   commercial apps and found they all get problems if the background
>   color matches the color used to preview lines/beziers etc. GIMP has
>   this problem with gray backgrounds. Should be discussed further.

Find two formulas that never report the same result for some colours,
and make then appear like ants mode, thus in at least one time
interval you see something different. XOR could be one, the other
could be plain "paint over". OTOH, I guess it could allow "undo" for
fast updates on screen. XOR with different keys (0xF0 and 0x0F, ie)?

> Text Tool
> ---------
> - Should allow multi-line text with configurable line spacing.
> - Should allow to modify character-spacing for selected parts
>   of text.

Total control of kerning, tracking and leading? Yipe! :]

> - Clicking somewhere into the image and starting to type should
>   create a new text layer the size of the text's bounding box.

Current GDynText behaviour, which is nice.

>   Clicking and dragging should create a new text layer the size
>   of the dragged rectangle.

So click and drag overrides font size? Sounds like a nice way to put
things in fixed places (with guides snap would be perfect).

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