I sat down this night and implemented a new color adjustment plug-in for
the gimp. It is not completely finished yet but the basic functionality is

The plug-in requires the development version from CVS to build and run,
it is available from: http://hal9001.2y.net/yuvadj/

There is a screenshot as well.

functionality that works:
  - preview in image area without memory leaks (that buggered me for a while)
  - automatic whitbalance calibration using the greyworld algorithm
  - assisted whitebalance using points in the image known to be white
    (optionally black as well)
  - adjustment of black-, gray- and whitepoint
  - adjustment of input and output levels 
to be implemented:
  - saving/loading of profiles
  - pdb calling functionality
  - color vectorscope
  - internal preview for the plug-in

The colorbalance part of the plug-in should at least be more intuitive than
the current one in gimp (is anyone actually capable of using it?)

The way I do the preview in the image area is most likely not the way it will
be when the new proposed API for doing previews from plug-ins are made.
But when I finally managed to seal the last memory leak I realised that
the code I ended up with was quite readable. 
(for those interested, take a look at the bottom of 
 http://hal9001.2y.net/yuvadj/yuvadjust/main.c )


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