Maurits Rijk <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> GTK 2.0 now has this nice feature of using mnemonics which I think can
> greatly improve the navigation inside dialogs. I have 3 questions
> about this:
> * should we have some kind of guideline for using these, such that
> each plugin will use more or less the same mnemonics?

the GNOME style guide could suite our needs. I haven't looked at it in

> * what will be the impact on the translations when we start using these?

translations will break and need to be updated. However I don't see
any particular problem here. Of course translators need to put some
thoughts into the mnemonics they use in the translations and should
try not to deviate too much from the original (english) mnemonics.

> * can I submit a change request in Bugzilla to request for all plugins
> to use mnemonics for GIMP 1.4? I'm willing to help out here.

sure. I guess the core UI also needs some work in this area.

Salut, Sven
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