lör 2002-05-04 klockan 18.10 skrev Sven Neumann:
> > * what will be the impact on the translations when we start using these?
> translations will break and need to be updated. However I don't see
> any particular problem here. Of course translators need to put some
> thoughts into the mnemonics they use in the translations and should
> try not to deviate too much from the original (english) mnemonics.

I usually consider the mnemonics to be chosen so that they are easy to
remember and access to be of much higher importance than any attempt to
make them not deviate too much from their English equivalents. Often,
the English characters are not even part of the translated word, so it's
usually not particularily useful to use a strategy of not deviating too
much, especially as this strategy may cause the mnemonic to clash with
much better mnemonics where it's not even possible to use the English
equivalent even if you would want to do so.
For these reasons, I myself have long since given up any strategy to not
deviate too much, and instead try to choose the mnemonics wisely.


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