Dear Gimpies,

I recently encountered the need to edit Windows icons and wanted to use
the Gimp as usual, when I noticed that apparently Windows icons aren't
supported by default (that's with 1.2.2, but a look at 1.2.3's sources
suggests the same). A search one the web brought up half-finished
plugins at best.

So here's my try, the plugin supports both loading and saving of
multiple icons in a file at 2/4/8/32 bpp. You can choose each icon's own
color depth (and thus the color map that's created for it) in a preview
dialog when saving the icon. I've included a little help page that
explains things a bit. I've tested it quite a bit and checked that the
generated files do in fact work with icon editors in windows, but of
course I may have missed things. The plugin source is available at

I haven't uploaded it to the plugin registry yet because I thought I'd
wait for your feedback first (I'm fairly new to libgimp). Assuming you
like it, is it okay to announce it on gimp-announce or is posting to
that list not open to the public?

Cheers, keep it up,

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