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> What license are the pattern images under? Am I allowed to use them
> royalty free for anything? Do I need to give proper credits to authors
> of those images?
> I am particularly interested in the Granite#1 and Marble#1 images. The
> reason is this - they are used in a proprietary ICC (Internet Chess
> Server) client called Blitzin. When I approached the owner of the
> software about using these images I was given special permission to
> use them, but only with software that works with their chess server
> (ICC). This of course gave me the impression that the images belong to
> them and they are thus able to give me permission to use them. Imagine
> my surprise when later I found those exact images in GIMP.
> So who is the original author of those images? Can I use them freely?
> Will the blitzin owners need to include notice about the authors? Are
> they at all allowed to use the images in proprietary software?

<http://cvs.gnome.org> seems to imply that somebody called sopwith 
has uploaded these two files to the CVS-tree gimp-data-min.

However, sopwith appears all over these directories, both for changes 
made by <mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED]> and by 

The AUTHORS file in that tree mentions: 

"*NOTE: See the AUTHORS.patterns and AUTHORS.brushes text files for a 
list of who's responsible for individual pattersn and brushes.

This distribution of gimp-data is based on Frederico Mena's gimp-data-
0.99.11, which was based on Matt Hawkins gimp-data-0.99.pre11-3.5, 
which was based on gimp-data-0.99.9 by Spencer Kimball and Peter 

Adrian Likins

Unfortunately, I don't know where to find the AUTHORS.patterns file.

The only specifications of which patterns were contributed by a 
certain author is in the Win GIMP 1.2.0 distribution, which contains 
a file called helentr.txt, which lists all patterns included by Helen 
Triantafillou. The two patterns mentioned by you are not part of her 

Perhaps Adrian can shed some light on this.

branko collin
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