> <http://cvs.gnome.org> seems to imply that somebody called sopwith
> has uploaded these two files to the CVS-tree gimp-data-min.
> However, sopwith appears all over these directories, both for changes
> made by <mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED]> and by
> <mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED]>.

"sopwith" (Elliot Lee) made the original checkin of the current CVS tree, so
a Really Old file checked in by sopwith probably means a file introduced to
the GIMP prior to whenever the prior CVS repository went byebye (1998
sometime, I think).  I think, but am not entirely sure, that the two
patterns being referenced were part of 0.56, which would mean they trace
back to S&P.  However, I seem also to recall that some of the pattern files
in 0.56 were, um, questionably appropriated from other sources (including
Adobe).  I think the long and the short is that we don't really know where
they came from or who (if anyone) holds a copyright interest in them.


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