Thanks a lot to Steiner for his reply!

While a "reverse PDB" might be nice, as an initial attempt could we get by
with something much simpler and more hardcoded that would only address
Script-Fu for example?  In saying that, please take into account that I'm
just getting started as a gimp developer, and really don't have a very good
idea yet of just exactly what the PDB is all about.  But I'd hate to see a
good idea go out the window just because we wanted to shoot for the moon and
make things much more complex than is really necessary for a preliminary

Unfortunately, I don't have enough gimp knowledge yet to have a feel for
what it would take to convert interactive actions in gimp to the
corresponding Script-Fu statements.


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> On Wed, Oct 16, 2002 at 06:56:35PM -0500, Kevin Myers wrote:
> > Has anyone given any consideration to implementing a feature in GIMP
> > would allow a user to create a script by recording their interactive
> > actions?  Something like that would go a long way towards helping folks
> > off the ground with the development of new scripts much more quickly, by
> > providing some initial boilerplate that is close to what they need and
> > be much more easily modified to produce the desired result than by
> > to write a script completely from scratch.
> It was discussed here some while ago -- somebody suggested that the best
> thing to do would be a `reverse PDB' of some sort, where one could
> to different back-ends (ie. for Perl-Fu, Script-Fu, some XML language
> As far as I know, no work has been done on it after the discussion died at
> that time.
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