>  I am doing a remote start of GIMP for Windows from a Visual Basic 6 
>  application. that looks something like this:
>     response = Shell("C:\Program Files\GIMP\bin\gimp.exe 
>  C:\ImpImages\Main.SelectedImage")
>   Once GIMP is up and running I make a copy of the specified image and do
>  some other stuff to it. The problem is, when I do a "Save As", the default
>  directory in the "Save Image" dialog box does not always refer to the 
> directory that the original image is located in. Instead it refers to the 
> directory where the Visual Basic Application is running from. 
>  Is there some way to force the default directory to be the same as the 
>  directory I specified when remote starting GIMP? 

yes, change to the desired default directory before you start GIMP.

Salut, Sven
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