I am doing a remote start of GIMP for Windows from a Visual Basic 6 
 application. that looks something like this:

    response = Shell("C:\Program Files\GIMP\bin\gimp.exe 

  Once GIMP is up and running I make a copy of the specified image and do
 some other stuff to it. The problem is, when I do a "Save As", the default
 directory in the "Save Image" dialog box does not always refer to the 
directory that the original image is located in. Instead it refers to the 
directory where the Visual Basic Application is running from. 

 Is there some way to force the default directory to be the same as the 
 directory I specified when remote starting GIMP? 

 This application needs to be automatic as I must assume that the end-users 
have  little knowledge on directory browsing, etc.

 Thanks in advance for any suggestions!


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